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Howard County REACT Member Saves Batman Villians

After I closed down my shop for the day yesterday, I decided to do a REACT road patrol, which is unusual for me as I haven't done one in months. Even, more unusual, I decided on 695 instead of my typical Howard County routes. So it doesn't take long for me to find a disabled motorist on the inner loop just prior to the Catonsville exit.

On the shoulder, with warning lights flashing, I call in the location. Then something catches my eye... The motorist is wearing clown make up. Next, a girl with pig tails and a red and black skirt jumps out of the car. Then another man steps out with a top hat. At this point in my life, nothing surprises me... Shockingly, not even this. But then it occurs to me... They are Batman villians. That's right, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Joker... Even Bane!

After talking to them for a moment or two, I discover that they are having a hard time breaking the lugs loose from their tire. I jump in and change the tire in just minutes. While doing so, I find out they are headed back home after a full day at the Baltimore Comic Con when they developed the flat. Without keeping them much longer, I ask if I can grab a photo or two and send them on their way.

It just goes to show you... Even the bad guys need a hero from time to time!

I never did catch these motorist's names or contact info, so please share this story and help me connect with them.

#batman #villains #REACT #RoadPatrol #traffic #HAMradio #cbradio #howardcounty

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