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As a volunteer organization, donations are vital to what we do. Our volunteers purchase all of their equipment, including radios, traffic cones, flares, emergency warnig lights, safety visits, fuel and much more just to help thier community.

Anything you can donate is greatly apprieciated. Below is a list of the most a wish essential to making our team an important part of the community.

Supplies & Equipment Wishlist

  • GMRS Repeater (must be part 95 type accepted)

  • Tower space for GMRS repeater

  • GMRS radios (repeater capable)

  • MURS radios

  • HAM radios (base, mobile & HT)

  • Traffic cones

  • Road flares

  • Traffic vests

  • Storage cabinets for EMCOMM trailer

  • Counter for EMCOMM trailer

  • Swivel chairs for EMCOMM trailer

  • Roof mounted AC / heater for EMCOMM trailer

  • Wiring and circuit control (12VDC and 120VAC)

  • Lighting for EMCOMM trailer

  • Generator for EMCOMM trailer (5000w)

  • Fit and finish for EMCOMM trailer (interior paneling, flooring, etc)

And of course, monetary donations are always welcome! Please click on the "DONATE" button below to make a monetary donation in any desire!

Donate through Paypal​

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


Donate with every Amazon purchase! Amazon Smile is a great program that allows you to donate as portion of your purchase to our organization. The best part is, it doesn't cost any extra! Amazon contributes the donation.

Click on the logo below and select REACT International in Columbia, Maryland. Also make sure to setup Amazon Smile on your phone app to ensure the donations are active.

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