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Services / Certifications

While the original mission of REACT was and still is to monitor and assist the local community through Citizen's Band radio, our mission has expanded to encompass a wide array of services. Through continuous training and certifications, Howard County REACT has become a valuable and professional community asset.

Communications Support

At the core of our mission, is providing communications support within the community for various situations. In a disaster response and recovery capacity, our members work closely with public services agencies, Red Cross, and others.


We also provide communications support to various community sponsored events such as runs, marathons, parades, fireworks displays, festivals and others to ensure the safety of it's participants.

Our communications capabilities include Amateur Radio, GMRS, CB, and Business Band.

NIMS (National Incident Command Structure)

NIMS is a standardized approach to incident management developed by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is intended to familiarize emergency response agencies with ICS (including all levels of government with public, private, and nongovernmental organizations).

All of Howard County REACT's deployable members hold certifications in various NIMS courses. This includes the mandatory IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, & IS-800 certifications.

Search & Rescue Support

Howard County REACT members are trained in basic search and rescue techniques. While not a normal role for REACT volunteers, this basic capability will allow HCR members to easily integrate with local search and rescue teams whose primary purpose is search and rescue. This capability will allow for the organized and efficient use of radio communications in such an event. 

Public Service Support

REACT's public service program does not just help the community, it also supports the Team's training and keeps the organization in the public eye.

We routinely work the following events in Howard County County on an annual basis. We also assist in many other one time events.

  • Catonsville 4th of July Parade & Fireworks

  • Howard County Veteran's Day Parade

  • Girls on the Run

  • Retriever Run 5l

  • And many others.


Skywarn Weather Spotting

SKYWARN® is a national network of volunteer severe weather spotters. The spotters are trained by local National Weather Service Forecast Offices on how to spot severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail and flooding. In some parts of the country, spotters also report snowfall and ice accumulation.

SKYWARN® spotter reports provide vital “ground truth” to the NWS. They act as our eyes and ears in the field. Spotter reports help our meteorologists issue timely, accurate, and detailed warnings by confirming hazardous weather detected by NWS radar. Spotters also provide critical verification information that helps improve future warning services. SKYWARN® Spotters serve their local communities by acting as a vital source of information when dangerous storms approach. Without spotters, NWS would be less able to fulfill its mission of protecting life and property.

Howard County REACT is proud to support the Skywarn program and as such, numerous members are also Skywarn spotters.

Learn more about Baltimore/Washington Skywarn

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Traffic Management

Howard County REACT members are trained for and perform  traffic control duties in private lots and on a case-by-case basis with the permission of county and state police agencies. This is essential for various community events, disasters, and even everyday public service responses when emergency services are overwhelmed. This service frees up local emergency agencies so they can more quickly and appropriately respond to critical tasks.

Perimeter Control

Crowd control is another essential service for various public service and disaster response services. The ability to sort and direct large crowds helps event organizers and disaster response agencies achieve their tasks more efficiently while maintain a safe environment for citizens.

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